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Optrel Crystal 2.0 - Welding Helmet + E3000 Setup

Optrel Crystal 2.0 - Welding Helmet + E3000 Setup

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Description Technical Specs
Optrel Crystal 2.0 Welding Helmet - Crystal Lens Technology - Brightness Level 2.0 - Shade Levels 4 To 12
  • Crystal Clear Vision - Before, During and After Welding

    You won't believe your eyes

    The new Optrel Crystal sets a record with an incredibly low Shade 2 light state. Welders have for the first time a practically unclouded and clear view of their working environment. This in combination with the almost perfect colour spectrum of the CLT2.0 for the first time allows welders to see what is really going on in the weld pool, and with a clarity that equates to insights into a new dimension. Therefore, welders describe this as an enlightenment.

    This new development reduces the need for a clear flip up visor as you can see more through the auto darkening lens than ever before. The crystal also benefits from Optrel's auto pilot feature, which automatically adjusts the dark shade depending on what you are welding, eliminating the need to manually change shade settings yourself. This feature is adjustable to suit your eyes or can be switched off completely for manual adjustment.


    • Crystal Lens Technology 2.0 - See clearly what happens before during and after the welding process.
    • Autopilot Shade Level 4 to 12 - Your welding helmet automatically adapts to changing light conditions.
    • Twilight Function - You can always remain relaxed even in case of fast lighting changes.
      Sensitivity Control - Adapts the helmet to your environment and requirements.
    • Grind Mode - The brightest vision during grinding work ever to be offered by a welding helmet.
    • Heat-Reflecting Paint - Helping you keep a cool head at all times.

    e3000 Powered Air Purifying Respirator

    The e3000 PAPR system complements your Optrel PAPR mask wit a protection for your respiratory system, which makes no compromises in matters of safety, health and comfort.

    The e3000 PAPR system allows Optrel to guarantee;

    • Highest safety class (TH3)
    • Protects reliably from smoke, aerosols, and dust
    • Integrated, automatic air flow control
    • Expendable with mountain breeze odour filter
    • Better working conditions for greater efficiency and comfort and better performance.

    Top Protection Class

    Tough environmental conditions such as smoke, dust and vapours require a highly efficient air purifying respirator system to ensure the welder’s health and safety at all times. Combined with any of the compatible Optrel helmets, the e3000 complies with the top protection class TH3 according to EN 12941.

    Highest Comfort

    The three air flow settings from 150 to 250 nl/min. in combination with the helmets provide a comfortable air distribution that is individually adjustable. The highest setting of 250 nl/min. cools down the welder even in the hottest conditions, thus increasing concentration and reducing fatigue.

    Quick Operational Readiness

    Safety regulations mandate that the air flow must be checked before every PAPR use. Compared to other respiratory systems, which require a manual air flow check at start-up, the e3000 automatically checks air flow, decreasing the amount of time a welder needs to monitor the start-up.

    Increased Productivity

    An efficient battery management system with operating times of up to 20 hours provides an uninterrupted workflow over two shifts, thus increasing the welder’s effective welding time.

    Lower Operating Costs

    The filter system consists of a pre- and particle filter. The large particle filter reduces the filter’s clogging rate. Together with the sophisticated filter changing concept, this helps customers to optimise their operating costs.

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