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Dual_Voltage_Quiver SWP Dual Voltage - Quiver

Dual Voltage Quiver (110 or 230v)


Our Price: £59.95 (71.94 inc VAT)
Disposable_Gas_Bottle_CO2 SWP Disposable Gas Bottle CO2

60 Litre Co2 Disposable Gas Bottle


Our Price: £15.95 (19.14 inc VAT)
Disposable_Gas_Bottle_Pure_Argon SWP Disposable Gas Bottle Pure Argon

60 Litre Pure Argon Disposable Gas Bottle


Our Price: £15.95 (19.14 inc VAT)
Disposable_Gas_Bottle_Argon_CO2 SWP Disposable Gas Bottle Argon / CO2

60 Litre Argon/Co2 Disposable Gas Bottle


Our Price: £15.95 (19.14 inc VAT)
SWP O-Clip Pincers SWP O-Clip Pincers

Red Handled O-Clip Pinsers

Our Price: £15.00 (18.00 inc VAT)
General_Brazing_Flux SWP General Brazing Flux 500G

General Brazing Powder Flux For Gas Welding Aluminium And Its Alloys


Our Price: £14.95 (17.94 inc VAT)
Flat_Chalk SWP Flat Chalk (Box Of 144)

Flat French Chalk - Box Of 144

Internal Office Reference: 123023

Our Price: £11.95 (14.34 inc VAT)
Square_Chalk SWP Square Chalk (Box Of 50)

Flat French Chalk - Box Of 50


Internal Office Reference: 123050

Our Price: £7.95 (9.54 inc VAT)
Anti_Spatter_Spray Super 6 Anti Spatter Spray

Anti Spatter Aerosol Spray

Internal Office Reference: 111057

Our Price: £5.95 (7.14 inc VAT)
Dura_Ink_Permanent_Marker Markal Dura-Ink Permanent Marker

Retractable Black Permanent Ink Marker

Internal Office Reference: 123021

Our Price: £2.75 (3.30 inc VAT)