Abicor Binzel MB15 Tip 0.6mm

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Abicor Binzel MB15 M6 0.6mm E-Cu Contact Tip

A contact tip – often referred to as a contact tube, power contact tube or contact nozzle – is a consumable in MIG/MAG welding and has become a mass-produced article today. Accordingly, there is a wide range of welding accessories and wear parts on the market. Every original ABICOR BINZEL contact tip is a quality product, marked with the BINZEL dot, which fulfils all requirements of the welding process.

The contact tip is certainly the smallest, but also the most important wear part needed for MAG welding. A contact tip is used in a manual torch as well as in an automatic torch or a robot welding torch. The quality of the material and processing has a significant influence on the entire welding process as well as the service life and thus the machine uptime or availability of the welding torch. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the contact tip when choosing. ABICOR BINZEL contact tips fulfil the criteria required for the respective welding process and ensure long service life and machine uptime.

Depending on the use of the contact tip, several kilometres of wire can pass through this small wear part per day. Therefore, it is even more important to use the right type of contact tip for the welding application and torch in good quality. Manufacturers of welding torches already recommend suitable contact tips in their product catalogues – for torches and the welding process. Standard-threaded connections are available in sizes M6, M8, M10 or larger. The overall geometry, the precise centred hole for the wire diameter and the contact tip material are also important. ABICOR BINZEL uses a patented manufacturing process for the exact drilling. The basic rule for welding: the higher the welding power, the larger the dimensions of the contact tip.

E-Cu contact tip

Manufactured from pure electrolytic copper, this contact tip has a Vickers hardness (HV) of approx. 110 to 115. The purity of its copper ensures very good current transfer, heat transfer and thermal conductivity. As it softens already at a temperature of approx. 260° C, it is more suitable for the low ampere range.


  • M6 Thread
  • 0.6mm Wire Size
  • 25mm Long


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