Abicor Binzel MB501 Conical Shroud

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Abicor Binzel MB501 Conical Shroud

The gas nozzle ensures a proper gas flow in the welding process by guiding the gas stream compressed into the process and thus protecting the arc from the surrounding atmosphere. To ensure that this is always guaranteed, the gas nozzle must be clean and free from particles as far as possible, which inevitably arise during MIG/MAG welding – which is a short-circuit arc process. Any interfering contour caused by adhered or burnt-in particles will cause the gas flow to swirl and affect the gas coverage. It is therefore all the more important to protect the shroud as well as possible from spatter adhesion. On the one hand by the choice of material, on the other hand by the use of anti-spatter protection.

Another task of the gas nozzle is to dissipate the heat generated in the process as quickly as possible so that the welding torch itself is protected from overheating. This is also especially important when welding preheated components.

Copper is a good conductor of heat, very resistant and easy to work with. As a general rule, the cooler the gas nozzles, the less spatter adhesion. Due to their very good thermal conductivity, gas nozzles made of copper are ideally suited for welding in all ampere ranges. In addition to gas nozzles made of pure copper, there are also coated gas nozzles.

The conical gas nozzle is considered the standard gas nozzle. It tapers towards the front end and thus offers better accessibility to the workpiece, such as when welding at an angle. With strongly conical gas nozzles, even narrower angles can be achieved. Of course, this shape still allows enough gas to flow through to ensure good shielding gas coverage.


  • Type – Conical
  • 16mm Bore Size
  • 76mm Long


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