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1718 Series Pyrex Glass Weld Cups & Fittings

These WP17/WP18/WP26 pyrex welding cups are developed to fit your existing torch fitted with a gas lens. Often referred to as ‘flood’ cups, thes EDGE glass welding cups provide superb argon dissipation to better manage the puddle for a steadier weld and eliminate arc wander. A wider gas flow allows extra time for weld to cool as you move. This is especially helpful for advanced aestheically pleasing welds whether coloured or not, with the obvious improved visibility of a glass product.


  • Gas lens torch fitment
  • Fits WP17, WP18 & WP26 TIG torches
  • Constructed from lab grade borosilicate (pyrex)
  • Up to 180 amps DC (unless pulse welding)
  • Any size/type of electrode
  • Best for reactive metals: stainless steel, titanium, inconel
  • Cup #4 ∅: 1/4″ / 6mm
  • Cup #5 ∅: 5/16″ / 8mm
  • Cup #6 ∅: 3/8″ / 10mm
  • Cup #7 ∅: 7/16″ / 11mm
  • Cup #8 ∅: 1/2″ / 12.5mm
  • Cup #10 ∅: 5/8″ / 16mm

Use optional larger diffused cups (#12, #15, #18) for nickel/aluminium based metal in shorter runs

Why Edge?

Edge Welding Supply have been glassblowing precision medical lab equipment for over 25 years. Their products are guaranteed to withstand the toughest jobs and environments. This is why they set out to produce a welding cup that would dominate the welding landscape – enabling you to see your weld as you go. Today, they produce the an extensive and durable line that can accomodate all makes and models of welding equipment, and even produce custom solutions as needed.



  • Adaptor for gas lens
  • 2x O-ring gas seals


  • Gas lens adaptor
  • 2x O-ring gas seals
  • 6x Edge gas lens 920 welding cups: #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #10

nb: no thermal spacers required

Need A Gas Lens Too?

These pyrex glass welding cup kits fit onto an existing gas lens, but we also sell lenses should you need one:


WP17 Gas Lens


WP18 Gas Lens


WP26 Gas Lens



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Matt at Urchfab has kindly demonstrated these Edge welding cups. He is an experienced local welder and gave us his initial thoughts on first test.


HourGlassIngenuity talks a little more about the technical aspects of using these glass welding cups, and what their key points are.


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