Innovative cutting tools for metalworking.

Holemaker Technology is a specialist manufacturer of cutting and drilling products. HMT believe in cutting tool innovation to speed up metalworking.

A relentless focus on product innovation and improvement provides the metalwork and fabrication industries with a new and unique range of tooling to speed up any task that involves working with connection holes. Browse our range of HMT products here.

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HMT AeroPaste Aerosol Spray Lubricant, 500ml

£18.60  (£22.32 inc VAT)

HMT BioCut Blue Neat Cutting Oil 500ml

£8.20  (£9.84 inc VAT)

HMT BioCut Cutting & Drilling Paste, 250G Tin

£9.80  (£11.76 inc VAT)

HMT CarbideMax TCT Broach Cutter - 108020

£23.30  (£27.96 inc VAT)

HMT Cordless V36-18 Magnet Drill - 2 x 9.0AH Kit

£1136.40  (£1363.68 inc VAT)

HMT Magnetic Swarf Lifter

£38.20  (£45.84 inc VAT)

HMT Speedlube Drilling & Tapping Spray Aerosol

£11.30  (£13.56 inc VAT)

HMT V35 Versadrive Magnetic Drill Machine Kit, 110 Volt

£400.70  (£480.84 inc VAT)

HMT V35 Versadrive Magnetic Drill Machine Kit, 230 Volt

£400.70  (£480.84 inc VAT)

HMT V60T Versadrive Magnetic Drill Pro Kit 110 Volt

£1133.90  (£1360.68 inc VAT)

HMT VersaDrive Combi Drill-Tap Set, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12

£83.10  (£99.72 inc VAT)

HMT Versadrive Combo Set, 6.8/8.5/10.5/14mm TurboTip + M8,10

£198.60  (£238.32 inc VAT)

HMT VersaDrive DrillSink Bit Set, Contains 8/12.4mm, 10/16.5

£162.50  (£195.00 inc VAT)

HMT VersaDrive Electrical Step Drill 4-32mm

£68.70  (£82.44 inc VAT)

HMT VersaDrive Holesaw Magnet Broaching/Multisink Pilot Pin,

£28.00  (£33.60 inc VAT)

HMT VersaDrive ImpactaStep Cutter, 14-16-18-20-22mm

£78.70  (£94.44 inc VAT)