Abicor Binzel 1.0-1.2mm Aluminium Mig Liner 3M

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Abicor Binzel 1.0-1.2mm Aluminium Mig Liner 3M

The task of the liner is to pick up the wire from the wire feeder and to guide it evenly and with as little friction as possible through the cable assembly and the torch neck to the contact tip, and from there into the process. All MIG/MAG welding torches have such a wire feed system. The liner – other terms used are wire liner, neck liner or wire feeder liner – is a wear part.

In wire liners and wire feeder liners, the guide element is generally a steel liner. A neck liner means the part of the wire feeder through the torch neck, which is used, for example, in rotatable and exchangeable torch necks. A neck liner is usually a pure metal liner, because this part is directly at the process and has to withstand great heat. Plastic liners are comparatively smooth and flexible at the same time, which ensures a low friction wire feed. Combined liners are used because of their combination of plastic liner and attached brass liner, and the resulting good wire feed and high heat resistance at the end of the torch head.

Each wire has its own special features and is individually friction intensive. This means that you need to have a good knowledge of the characteristics of the wires you want to weld with in order to be able to choose the right liner.

PTFE Plastic Liners

This Teflon® plastic liner is ideal for stainless steel because it has excellent sliding properties. It comes in the colours blue, red or yellow, is heat resistant up to a maximum of 260°C and is also suitable for welding standard stainless steel wires and CuSi wires. When stainless steel wire is welded, it is essential that carbon steel – the abrasion of a wire core – does not get into the weld pool and contaminate the process.


  • PTFE Liner
  • Wire Size – 1.0-1.2mm
  • 3 Meters Long
  • Wire Type – Soft


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